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Tibetan Singing Bowls Therapy

This therapy can be called Sound Massage with Singing Bowls.

The origin of Tibetan bowls dates back to the times of Buddha in India. They then gradually entered Tibet along with Buddhism. Singing Bowls were traditionally used for meditation and healing in order to achieve the balance between mind, body and soul.

Tibetan bowls are handmade with a mixture of 7 metals: Gold, Silver, Mercury, Tin Iron Copper and Lead. They were originally handcrafted by Buddhist monks who inhabited the monasteries of Tibet

Using sound vibration therapy, Tibetan bowl massage helps you achieve physical, mental and emotional balance.

Tibetan bowls produce, when fried or beaten, a range of harmonic sounds capable of producing a great energy movement in humans. Harmonics are the ones that do the work of cleansing, relaxing and healing.


Effects at the brain level

  • It has an effect on brain waves leading to the state of deep relaxation (alpha wave) or even wakefulness (tetha wave);
  • Sleep induction;
  • Balance of the brain hemispheres;


Effects at the anatomical level

  • It helps to return the natural state of vibration (its vibratory frequency) of each organ and body system providing a correct state of health and preventive care against the disease;


Effects at the energy level

  • Singing bowls balance and unlock potential energy blockages that may exist, so that energy can flow naturally;



  • Relieves stress and anxiety;
  • Loosen tensions and contractures;
  • Increases the inmune system;
  • Improved concentration, creativity and vision;
  • Increases vital energy
  • Unlock energy and emotional disorders
  • Expand the auric field


Treatment duration – Price

60 Minutes 1 person – €60

(Ask Prices por Groups)

Other Therapies: Reiki; Access Bars

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