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Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a Yoga practice that is characterized by being passive, where the postures or asanas are held for a longer time, normally between 1 and 5 minutes, sometimes longer, depending on the posture and physical condition of the person.

Yin yoga is a practice based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Taoist philosophy. It integrates the ancient teachings of yoga with the Meridian Theory as taught in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The benefits of this passive style of Yoga are:

  • It Improves fascial and connective tissues
  • It Promotes joint health and flexibility
  • It Promotes mental calm and mindfulness
  • Self-knowledge

  • The Characteristics of a Yin Yoga class are physical and mental stillness, a meditative attitude of mindfulness and conscious breathing.

    It is an ideal practice to create flexibility and create balance to compensate for other active and dynamic physical exercise practices, whether they are other styles of yoga or various sports.

    Yin Yoga classes are suitable for all levels and almost all physical conditions. Postures are done on the ground and variations and adaptations can be made for each case.

    Monthly Yin Yoga workshop

    We currently have a monthly workshop on weekend (between 2 hours and 2 hours and a half in duration) and the theme is normally the season in which we are at that time. Each season of the year has 2 associated meridians and in turn corresponds to one of the 5 elements of Taoist philosophy (water, earth, metal, wood and fire)

    During a yin yoga class there will be moments of silence, moments of indications towards which posture to transition, informative and didactic moments with information about what we are working on and releasing on a physical, mental and emotional level, and moments for self-reflection.

    We will end the class with a long guided relaxation and / or Tibetan bowls


    Sunday at 10:30am to 13:00pm (once a month) 

    Workshop Price: 20€ (Not Regular Students)

    Bookings are required at least one day in advance. Places are limited.

    Classes start on time, so please arrive 5-10 minutes earlier.

    Calm – Peace – Flexibility

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